Interview with British Horror writer Carmilla VOIEZ

Hello Carmilla and welcome to the blog! Please tell us a little about yourself –

I’m the mother of two daughters and a lifelong Goth. I think I was born a misfit and the Goth scene has always felt like home to me. I have always loved books, both for gaining knowledge and for escape. My dream is to live in a library. I live by the sea, watching waves brings me closer to a state of peace than anything else. I’m sure water is my natural element. I love cats. I respect their independence and the way it frequently borders on indifference until they need a reassuring cuddle. I understand that. I love solitude, but every now and again most people need to feel loved. I got into writing when I realised it was the easiest and least intimidating way to communicate with others. Horror made sense, both from the Goth background and my love of the weird and uncanny. I’m studying for a degree in Arts and Humanities with a Creative Writing specialism and I’ve learned a lot from that over the years. My favourite writers are Clive Barker, Toni Morrison, Victor Lavalle and Haruki Murakami. Their mixing of magic into more realistic realms is probably what appeals to me. I have had six novels, two graphic novels, and two collections of short stories published, and my shorts have been included in a number of horror anthologies. I’ve been writing for ten years, and am fast approaching my 50s, but I have found that life becomes much easier the older you get; people stop trying to change you.

1. What made you get into the Horror business?

As someone who has fought depression for over 30 years and has internalised plenty of rage, horror is a very healthy outlet for me. I love the diversity of horror and horror writers. It’s a powerful medium that provides a sort of survival guide to people who have their own demons and struggles.

2. What particular branch of the genre do you work/specialise in?

Let’s say feminist horror. I write psychological horror, dark fantasy, tales of revenge, zombies and magical realism, but my stories tend to have women at their centre.

3. Do you think that British horror has any unique qualities?

Brits are quirky, and I think that comes through in our horror. We live in this strangely rigid class system, ruled by people who are invisible to most of us. The weather is awful, and the food is tasteless. We need to have a sense of humour about the absurd.

4. Which are your favourite UK horror movies and writers?

Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell and Adam Nevill – author wise. I think the golden age of British horror cinema was probably Hammer Horror, and I love so many of those films.

5. Have YOU had any supernatural/paranormal experiences of you own?

I’ve had plenty of odd feelings, strange and inexplicable smells, glimpses of something moving just out of sight, but nothing that can’t be rationalised away. I think that’s why I am so interested in magic and perception, what is real and what imagined. I think that’s what keeps me writing stories.

What is next for you?

I’ve just finished a speculative fiction novel called “The Venus Virus”, Anna and I are working on a third graphic novel “Black Sun”, and as soon as I’ve finished this degree module I’ll settle down to finishing the Starblood series with a fifth novel “Pariah”. 

Bio and social links – 

Carmilla Voiez is a proudly bisexual and mildly autistic introvert who finds writing much easier than verbal communication. A life long Goth, she is passionate about horror, the alt scene, intersectional feminism, art, nature and animals. Carmilla is studying Creative Writing as part of an Arts and Humanities degree with the Open University. When not hunched over her laptop or a book, she gets paid to hang out in a stately home and entertain tourists. Her bibliography includes bibliography includes The Venus Virus (CHBB, February 2020), Starblood (Vamptasy Publishing, December 2018), The Ballerina and the Revolutionary, Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales. Her short stories have been included in Zombie Punks Fuck Off (Clash Books), Slice Girls (Stitched Smile), Another Beautiful Nightmare (Vamptasy), Elements of Horror: Water (Red Cape Publishing) and Sirens Call Magazine.

Full bibliography –

Website and blog –














Thank you so much Carmilla for a really interesting interview. I hope that you all enjoyed it too, make sure to go over and follow all of her links on social media. And, as always, sleep well …

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