Interview with the AMAZING Horror writer – Glenn ROLFE

I am THRILLED to present to you today, the author of the book I can not put down right now (Until Summer Comes Around), Mr Glenn Rolfe!

Q1. When did you discover your love of writing, and why chose horror as your particular genre?

I played in bands for years, and I was the primary lyricist. So, I’ve been telling these stories through songs for a while. After my bands stalled out, I needed a new outlet for that creative part of my brain. I became a big reader in the 2000s when I discovered Leisure Books horror line.  When I decided to try writing a few short stories for fun, it was horror that I loved, so it was horror that I started writing.  

 As for the genre, I think it’s the best of them. You can do all of the things mystery, romance, coming of age, action/thriller, noir, hard crime, and add scaring the shit out of people  to it to give it that extra bump. We have such freedom in the horror community. It’s really liberating. 

Q2. Do you feel that being a New England native is beneficial to the world of horror writing?

It doesn’t hurt! We get all four seasons, although winter seems to last from November to March, so it’s that cold winter chill in the bones that probably sticks with us when we sit down to write and it’s already dark out at 4 PM.  These states are old and there are certainly ghosts if to chasing them. I prefer to stick to fiction, but I bet there are plenty of haunted buildings in our neck of the woods.

Q3. Have YOU had any unexplained or supernatural experiences, and if so, have they found their way into your work at all?

The only time I ran into it personally was working the overnight shift at the hotel I work in. I was actually writing a freaky scene for my novel, THE HAUNTED HALLS, and suddenly a set of keys fell form the wall. It spooked the shit out of me. I got up from my desk and as I was picking them up, a keypad door lock suddenly made the noise it only makes when someone touches it, this blee-doop noise. It was, like, 3 in the morning. No one was near that door, and I just broke out in goose bumps. I decided it was a good time to take a break from my story.  Nothing like that has happened since, and I still work at the same place.  

The Haunted Halls

As for the novel, THE HAUNTED HALLS, I was inspired by imagining what would happen if a spirit, this, Ice Queen, followed a guest out of the swimming pool and chased them into the public bathroom. I pictured the guest with his back to the door and the door handle freezes, then ice forms under his feet and spreads across the room. The mirror frosts over and as he walks over to it, she appears behind him…. I turned that into the opening scene of the book, and it just gets creepier and crazier from there. 

Q4. You have work in several anthologies. Who would you love to be included with in the future? (I would LOVE to be in the same collection as Stephen King!).

I’ve been lucky enough to be included alongside a ton of my favorite writers. Brian Keene, Ray Garton, Brian Moreland, Patrick Lacey, Jonathan Janz…  I guess being with King would be rad, too.  

Q5. If one of your books was to be made into a TV show or movie, who would you love to see cast in the main roles?

I’m really hoping this happens.  I think ABRAM’S BRIDGE would be a fantastic show or movie. It’s a small town mystery/ghost story.  I’d pick Clint Eastwood to direct. I love his movies (acting and directing).  I’d have Finn Wolfhard as li’l Ron, Sabrina Carpenter as Sweet Kate, I’d love to have Josh Duhamel as Ron’s dad, Greg Sawyer. Timothy Olyphant as Stefan Schultz. Diane Lane as Lucille Sawyer, Brian Dennehy as Orson Schultz, Jason Alexander as Chris Bell, and Michael Campion as Heath Barnes.

Abram's Bridge by [Rolfe, Glenn]

I’m ready when Hollywood is. 

UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND would probably be a great flick, too. 

Q6. Who are your favourite authors and who inspires your writing?

Stephen King is the top, of course. No one writes like him, and I can read anything he writes. It’s all about his voice. After King, I love Ronald Malfi, Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Brian Moreland, Patrick Lacey, Gwendolyn Kiste, and I just discovered Kristopher Triana. There’s a ton more I could add, but that’s a good starter list. Everyone I read inspires what I do. In the genre, out of the genre, non-fiction, good writing, bad writing. It all shapes you. 

Q7. Who is your favourite Vampire and Werewolf from fiction?

I love what Ray Garton did with his werewolves in RAVENOUS. Making it a sexually transmitted disease took him a really unique direction. For the classic wolf stories, I love Cycle of the Werewolf by King and The Howling by Gary Brandner (movie wise, his first book is what they based The Howling IV off, in case people are wondering).

Favorite vampires for me, LESTAT and QUEEN OF THE DAMNED by Anne Rice are my favorite vampire books. Lestat is probably my favorite fictionalized vamp. He’s so much more in Book 2 and 3 of the Vampire Chronicles than what he was in Interview with the Vampire. 

Q8. What is next for you?

We’re about 2 months away from the release of my next novel, UNTIL SUMMER COMES AROUND. If you want a slightly different take on the vampire trope, and you love the 80s, I’d say you might dig this one. It’s a coming of age piece that has just enough bite to make you wonder at 1 AM what that bumps was outside your window. 

Later this year I should be putting out my next book, ASCENSION AGENDA. That one’s a sequel to my horror/sci-fi/alien ooze story, BOOM TOWN.

April 3rd my publishing company (Alien Agenda Publishing) is putting out a werewolf novel from Jackson R. Thomas, RISE.  This one is a fast-paced chainsaw of a story. If you like bloody werewolf books, you will want to grab this one.

AAP is also trying to finish up our first charity anthology SURVIVE WITH ME. This will hopefully drop in June or July with stories from Hunter Shea, Ronald Malfi, Tim Waggoner, Rio Youers, Gwendolyn Kiste, Somer Canon, Chad Lutzke, and many more. We’re hoping to make some announcements about that one toward the end of April. 

Besides all that, people can check out my 






Thanks for having me, Janine! 

And thank YOU Glenn for a really fun and enjoyable interview. I will be taking part in the Until Summer Comes Around book tour in May for Flame Tree Press, so you will all be able to see me officially give it 5 stars then. Good luck Glenn for all your futures releases, and, as always, sleep well …

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