A werewolf chat with the lovely Lou YARDLEY

A very warm werewolfe welcome to Lou to the blog.

1. Why did you write a werewolf story in the first place?

One of the things I really like about horror is its monsters and werewolves are a big favourite of mine. Creature Features (whether they’re in book or film form) make me extremely happy.

2. Tell me a little bit – no spoilers – about the plotline.

Hellhound” centres around a group of main characters. Some of them are human, some of them are werewolves. It delves into a hidden werewolf society, but mostly I think it’s a story of survival and choices.

Hellhound by [Lou Yardley]

3. Do you stick to classic lore and tropes, or does your wolf have some unique attributes?

We got some new ideas happening in “Hellhound”. Without giving too much away, I will say one word: worms. Who knew that werewolves and worms would be so closely related? There’s also a disease that attacks some of the werewolves called “the Rot”. It does pretty much what it says on the tin and it’s terrifying for these creatures who otherwise would pretty much be all-powerful.

4. What is your fave werewolf story?

There are so many, but I’m going to do a top 5…

*American Werewolf in London (I know it’s a film, rather than a book, but it’s a classic.)

*“Blood Moon Big Top” by Toneye Eyenot. Toneye writes TERRIFIC werewolves and this story is one of my favourites by him (I would say it’s my favourite, but Toneye has written so much that I love so it’s hard to pick just one… I mean, Wolvs is amazing too). I’ve picked “Blood Moon Big Top” because the story really appeals to me. It follows Marbles the Clown as he turns into a werewolf. Basically, it has clowns, a circus, and a werewolf. What more could you possibly want?

*“High Moor” by Graeme Reynolds

*“Howl” – yep, it’s another film, but I thought it was really well done.

*“Dog Soldiers” – another film (I watch A LOT of horror films!)

High Moor (A Werewolf Horror Novel) by [Graeme Reynolds]

5. Will there be more lycan stories from you?

ABSOLUTELY. I’m currently working on setting up a whole horror-fantasy world called Venari. The first book will feature some home-brew demons/monsters, but werewolves will be making a large (and horrific) appearance in future books.

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And, as always, aroooooooooo …

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