I HAVE QUESTIONS! My Mare of Easttown list I need answers to.

I love a good show that I can sink my teeth into and that gets the grey matter working overtime.

Mare of Easttown has done just that. My brain is fried, I have so many wild thoughts and theories ranging from the predictable to the preposterous.

As we head to the finale, there are so many key questions still to be resolved.

Who killed Erin?

  • I’m still not 100% sure. I’ll save this for my prediction round-table.

Who is DJs father?

  • I think it could be one of the Rosses OR Father Dan but I’m going with Kevin
jack mulhern as dylan in hbo's mare of easttown

What is on the photo?

  • Kevin with Erin

Are the cases actually connected?

  • Yes as Erin should have ended up in Pott’s place with the other girls

What the fuck is Dylan actually hiding?

  • He sold the drugs to Kevin, he is somehow involved in grooming the girls for the sex-ring – he isn’t the brains behind it as he’s too young, but he is shady as fuck with awesome hair …
Mare of Easttown – Who is the killer?

Was the peeping Tom stuff just filler?

  • No way, it will be pivotal somehow … there will be footage on the cam showing someone putting the gun back … maybe Betty was killed and made to look like a heart attack at the wheel because the killer thought she knew something? Maybe it is actually Glenn – a retired cop heading the sex-ring …

Who went to those poker games?

  • Way more men from the town than we would like and I feel for sure that Frank was there

Is there a sex ring in Easttown?

  • Yes, the website is just a front or a way to get the girls but this is way more organized and intrinsic to the town than *just* an escort site

What is in Mare’s attic?

  • IF it turns out someone from Mare’s family killed Erin, then the attic will be where the gun was/is but I’m not sold …

Who did the colt belong to?

  • We see a shot of Glenn Carroll’s colt but is it the weapon that killed Erin?

What is Ryan hiding?

  • Kid’s got issues for sure but why? John or Frank could be abusing him. I hope that is NOT true in the sense of sexual abuse but we have seen how controlling both Frank and John can be so mental abuse and coercion is a definite possibility that he might act out at. Is he the peeping Tom and has seen way more than he should have i.e. his had having sex with way more people than just good ol’ Sandra.

I DON’T think he is the killer, not just coz he’s like what 12, I know kids can kill kids but how would he have gotten there in the middle of the night and got that gun?

Mare of Easttown Whats Going On With Ryan Ross

What happened at that family reunion and who actually knows the truth?

  • Could this all be another massive red herring? I have seen all sorts of thoughts about this other person who could have been there including Dylan (why?), Richard (!) and even Colin (WTF?) …

I do wonder if Wayne Potts was maybe there if John and Billy and shock horror even Lori are involved in this sex-ring …

What the fuck is going on with John and Billy?

  • I just can’t decide if they’re going to go down the obvious route a la The Undoing. Let’s look at what we do know – Pat SAYS he saw Billy covered in blood. Billy *confesses* to John after some very odd and persuasive leading questions that would never stand up in a court of law. However, I do think that Billy was in love with Erin and gave her the necklace. I don’t think she had sex with him though willingly or forced. That will be his tragedy that he was in love with his cousin’s daughter. But why would he say all that stuff to John? And is Pat somehow involved, is he running this sex-ring along with Glenn? Has it been going on for decades?

John is definitely a major douche – at the very least other people seem to suspect he can’t keep his dick in his pants and there’s no smoke without fire, right? But is he having affairs, running girls, raping his cousin’s daughter? I’m going sex-ring, he’s been working with Potts and others. Maybe he samples the goods too?

joe tippett and robbie tann as john and billy ross in hbo's mare of easttown

Was Richard just a red herring/symbol of hope for Mare?

  • I can’t decide on this. The Guy Pearce thing had a lot of people saying he had to be a more important part but I heard on a podcast that part was meant to be Ben Miles and Guy filled in last minute as a favour so …

I have heard an awesome theory that he is either involved in order to get ideas for his new book (!) or that the whole story is being told to us by him and Mare of Easttown is actually the name of his book …

guy pearce as richard ryan in mare of easttown

Is there more to Kevin’s suicide, who broke his heart?

  • I’m in for the theory Dylan has something to do with this and that Kevin was in love with Erin and very likely DJ’s dad. I might even go so far as to think that Frank knew or at least suspected and that is why he helped her out?

Is Mare hiding another family tragedy?

  • Other than the fact that possibly Frank is abusive and a very good manipulator, I really hope not. But why did Kevin hate her so much? Was it just because of the drugs? If Frank was abusing him, he could blame Mare for not noticing?

Why did Faye leave Frank?

  • That test was negative and he had a decent explanation for helping Erin so … why didn’t she stand by her man? What does she know/suspect? Or is this all just a classic misdirection?

Where the fuck is Hilary???

  • This is a big question that I really don’t think will be a plot oversight … I even saw one theory that Hilary is actually Erin which I guess was meant to be when she was *staying* with Billy and then got pregnant however, she was also sleeping with Dylan then so surely that doesn’t add up? But what about Carrie? Could she be Hilary?
Who's Who in Mare of Easttown - Mare of Easttown Full Cast

What do you all think???

On Sunday, I will be posting my final theories and predictions as well as some from some other fans of the show!!!

You can watch MoE on HBO or Sky Atlantic and use the hashtag #mareofeasttown to join in with your theories!

One thought on “I HAVE QUESTIONS! My Mare of Easttown list I need answers to.

  1. indeed wtf… what’s the obviously not obvious observation … where does the silent silence and inevitable numbness show up and who’s ‘speaking’ the unspoken narrative to sooth the fear and getting away with it;how is implicit trust being justified, where does the legitimacy of its naturally occurring recursivity originate…and who can see this but remain unseen?

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