Mare of Easttown theories ahead of episode 7

So like a fair few of us, I have become OBSESSED with MoE and ahead of the season finale on Sunday/Monday, I thought that it might be fun to make some predictions.

I asked some fellow Mare nuts what they thought might happen, and sent them this list of questions:

1. Who do you think is Erin’s killer?
2. Who do you think the father of the baby is?
3. If you don’t think Dylan is the culprit, what on earth is he hiding?
4. The Rosses are definitely dodgy – you may have already labelled one or more of them as the answer to Q1 and Q2. But what about the rest of them, or, if you didn’t name them in Q1 and/or 2, just what the hell have they been up to?
Bonus questions – will there be any huge revelations you’d like to predict? Will it all be tied up or will it end on a cliffhanger? 

First off we have Kaitlin Reilly from E! news online.

1. I was convinced it was Kevin’s son’s mother, Carrie, but now I’m starting to speculate it’s John, Laurie’s husband, who is forcing Billy to take the fall. 
2. Kevin, Mare’s son. The timing works, and it seems Erin had a secret life — maybe drugs were a part of it
3. I think Dylan may have had something to do with Kevin’s death — maybe he sold him drugs, maybe he’s somehow the reason why Kevin died by suicide. I don’t think he killed him, himself, but you never know…
4. I think Laurie’s husband may have some connection to the escort site — maybe he encouraged Erin to make money that way. 

Next up we have Broadway super star, Donna Vivino.

  1. I think Erin’s killer is either Lori or her son Ryan. I thought Lori episode 1 (though I am still confused as to where either would have obtained an old Colt 45 police gun) — with that said the gun seems to point to it being Mare’s father’s gun which is tricky as to how Lori or Ryan would have obtained it. 
  2. I think it is Mare’s dead son’s child. John is the obvious choice but I think it is Mare’s son. 
  3. I think he is being blackmailed. 
  4. I think they are all protecting Ryan. I know. The kid. Go figure. 
  5. Bonus – Yes. Mare’s dead son is the father of that child OR wildcard — Old man Ross. 
  6. It’ll all be TIED UP

Now it’s the turn of writer/director David Creed

  1. Erin’s killer is John Ross, Billy just stumbled across her body and got messed up as he was drunk and believed he did it when he didn’t.
  2. The father is John and he killed her as she was threatening to expose him.
  3. Dylan has nothing to do with the murder but there is going to be a big twist, regarding who he really is maybe, and possibly even that he has a different biological father

What do we think Stoker Award winning author Josh Malerman thinks?

  1. Ryan is the killer
  2. Pat Ross is the father of the baby
  3. Dylan is on drugs, specifically PCP
  4. See above – covering for Ryan and Pat
  5. Bonus – Mare dies a hero
Who is the father of Erin's baby in Mare of Easttown? | TV & Radio |  Showbiz & TV |

And finally, here are MY predictions …

  1. The killer is Dylan but on the behest of Glenn Carroll. Dylan is used by the older men to hook the girls on drugs and/or groom them for the sex-ring. She was meant to be kidnapped NOT killed but Billy turned up and there was a scuffle.
  2. DJ’s dad was Kevin Sheehan. Erin didn’t want her kid to grow up without a dad and although Dylan was a douche, his parents were really loving and caring.
  3. Dylan is involved in the sex-ring, he helps to recruit the girls and deals drugs.
  4. The Rosses are involved in the sex-ring with Potts. It was started years ago by Mare’s dad, Glenn Carroll and Pat Ross. Mare’s dad couldn’t take the guilt though and that was why he shot himself. John, Frank and Potts are now running it for the old guys who still call the shots. Billy knows about it but doesn’t help, he just doesn’t speak up about it, he’s had years of domination from Pat and John and they all decide together to make Billy the Fall Guy for Erin. Tragically he really did love her but knew he could never do anything as they were family. Ryan Ross has nothing to do with it – however he has seen his dad slipping out and with young girls and he will lead Mare to Glenn Carroll as Ryan is the Peeping Tom.

So, there we go, some interesting theories and predictions from people in the biz. What do YOU think is going to happen and will we see more of Easttown in the future?

Thanks to Kaitlin, Donna, David and Josh for joining in.

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