Mare of Easttown theories ahead of episode 7

So like a fair few of us, I have become OBSESSED with MoE and ahead of the season finale on Sunday/Monday, I thought that it might be fun to make some predictions. I asked some fellow Mare nuts what they thought might happen, and sent them this list of questions: 1. Who do you thinkContinue reading “Mare of Easttown theories ahead of episode 7”

I HAVE QUESTIONS! My Mare of Easttown list I need answers to.

I love a good show that I can sink my teeth into and that gets the grey matter working overtime. Mare of Easttown has done just that. My brain is fried, I have so many wild thoughts and theories ranging from the predictable to the preposterous. As we head to the finale, there are soContinue reading “I HAVE QUESTIONS! My Mare of Easttown list I need answers to.”

Thank you – Glenn Rolfe

Tomorrow, May 1st 2021, I have a book out. Despite having quite a few stories in anthologies, putting yourself out there for the first time when it is just you, is bloody scary. Exciting, but scary. What was even scarier, was sending the collection over to Glenn, in the hope that he would like itContinue reading “Thank you – Glenn Rolfe”

Thank you – Andrew “The Bookdad” Fowlow

Hello, my name is Janine and I am a technophobe. A luddite. Basically a complete dumbass when it comes to anything other than Word on the laptop and basic social media. I try, I really do, it just makes no sense. Honestly, I’m best off with a quill and parchment paper … But young Jedi,Continue reading “Thank you – Andrew “The Bookdad” Fowlow”

Twisted: Tainted Tales by Janine Pipe – A Review

Originally posted on Stephen Howard:
Twisted: Tainted Tales, the debut collection of short stories by horror writer Janine Pipe and published through Pipe Screams Press, is a relentless and joyous journey into the bloodiest corners of the genre. Seventeen stories – or ‘Tracks’ as they are referred to in the collection – that tackle every…

Thank you – Brian Keene

Oh hello there, it’s me again. So with only 5 days to go now until launch day, stress levels are rising. I had some more lovely, honest and thoughtful reviews over the weekend and am in equal parts excited and terrified about the book finally being almost available to the public. Today I would likeContinue reading “Thank you – Brian Keene”

Thank you – Sadie Hartmann

Most of you will know our Sadie. As Mother Horror, she features prominently within the horror genre with writing and reviewing credentials to honour her moniker. As we approach the 7 day marker until the release of TTT, I would like to tell you why Sadie is much more than just someone I follow andContinue reading “Thank you – Sadie Hartmann”

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